Ipuservices review: the next Digital Generation

Note: Ipuservices has not yet been fully launched and therefor is not yet part of our ranking system; as soon as its full activity will begin we will rank the program as with the others.

Ipuservices is a program that reminds Digital Generation which was successful but recently encountered difficulties.

The main advantage in the program is that in order to earn you don’t have to put in any money, but simply install a small program on your computer which will get you up to $2 a day (according to how powerful your PC is) as long as its running.

The main difference between Ipuservices and DG is that in this case you don’t have to ever purchase threads with money; the free thread is always valid and not only for 30 days. This means that anyone can make money every day. With this program, no one has to pay anything.

If you recruit other affiliates to this program you could upgrade your account to a Division or Regional account in a yearly payment of $ 75-150 and then be entitled for higher commissions for every recruit.

The commissions for recruits vary from 1% to 10% – up to three generations.

Another possible option is purchasing redirects ($5 each) which will earn daily according to your account type; you can also sell your redirects to other affiliates.

What do we do? How can we start?

Step1: Signup for the program from here.

Step 2: Download the program (available from September on: http://www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php)

Step 3: Start recruiting; since everyone make money without putting any money it makes recruiting very easy. From each recruit there is a daily income based on their profits. On DG I have made hundreds of dollars a month from recruit commissions alone. Furthermore: if your recruits upgrade their account you will earn a nice commission of up to $50 according to your account type.

For now, there are already affiliates in the program who have made over $1000 on their first week from recruits upgrade commissions alone.

Please notice, the program will be fully active on 9/1/2013, for now, you can only signup, upgrade your account and recruit others.

You can visit the full official  Ipuservices Website and login to your account from here


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