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Currently there is a payments problem, the company claims it temporarily- I recommend not to put new money In the program until the situation is resolved


Digital generation offers a light simple way to make some money, even without putting any money in!

Digital generation is a concept based on an old idea, which by each members lends 1% of his computer’s processor in return for a daily profit. The advantage of this model is that you almost don’t have to do anything: just sign in, download the software, install and that’s it. As long as your computer is running the application will run in the background and you will be rewarded.

From our experience, the program is safe and does not affect the computer’s speed. At present payments are accepted few minutes with the request for withdraw.

How much can you make?

Your profit depends on the number of threads you’re connected to, each thread will make a dollar every day, everyone who joins get one free thread for a month trial that will make $30 (if your computer is running most of the day).

If you want, you can buy extra threads and increase your profits according to the next table:


You could see your profits immediately in the application and withdraw them whenever you like.

Note: If you install the application and can’t see your profits updating, send a message to the support team and ask an activation of the free thread you deserve, after a few hours it will update and you will see your profit increase.

Referral commission

The company is rewarding affiliates who refer others to it by paying 20% your first generation’s profits, and 10% of the second’s (the profits update in real time while your recruit’s applications are running)

Recommendation and summary

This is a new and special model which spreads around the world, it is too soon to say who far it will go and how successful will it be, for now it works and the payments are received.

In any way, I recommend using the free thread , it will not make you rich, but you will still make $30 with almost doing nothing.

Add as many friends as you can that will enjoy a free thread which will give you 20% of their profit and 10% of their recruits’ profits.

How to start?

1. join Digital Generation from here

2.After you register go to “personal” –> profile then Verify Your phone number

3. You will see your free thread in the Threads screen

4. Go to “Download” and download and install the software

5. Open the software and that is all- you will start making money immediately

Please note: to start making profit from the free software, Thread, you have to validate your phone number on the Profile screen, right under Personal menu; if you didn’t get SMS message approving that your validation has been successful in response, you have to open a card in the technical support section – and they will fix it for you as soon as possible.

How to make more money?

Simple, spread your link to everyone you know, in the end you give them money as a gift and enjoy 20 percent of their profits.

For every gain of $ 30 that your recruits earn you will get six dollars, which means that if yourec ruit  ten people you can  easily earned another $ 60 a month passively.

Risks and points that have to be taken into account:

The program is relatively new and runs for about two months now, with a great success.

Yet no one can really know what is standing behind it – is it a real novel model, or another risky program.

For now, everything is excellent, but one also has to take into account the possibility of this program being just another hyip under the cover of novelty; meaning, the risk that the afore mentioned software doesn’t really do anything with our computer, and that the money we earn each day is earned from new people who were brought to this program in order to buy more Threads, therefore cautiousness and ability to not be tempted to buy the large Threads packages right away are recommended.

Another thing that has to be taken into account is that we don’t really know what is standing behind the software that was installed on our computer; and although I personally sent it to a security check team who didn’t find anything suspicious, one has to consider that you can’t know for sure what it does to your computer, and what it hides inside.

Therefore, although I estimate the chances of this software harming your computer as low, I suggest that you only install it on computers that don’t contain any sensitive data, or an access to your payments and accounts.

I know about people who implemented their old computers, just to run this software on them.

For any question or problem, please send us an email to gopassiveblog@gmail.com , and we will be happy to help.

Conclusion Rating
Stability assessment
3 stars
Profit potential for Passive affiliates
4 stars
Wallet and payments
1 stars

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